In Practice

Voronezh State University

Nowadays, tens of thousands of students from around the globe receive their education in Russia. The Voronezh State University has a special center for teaching foreign students to the Russian language. Hundreds of non-Russian students receive their knowledge of Russian in this center.

In the following photos and short movies you can see non-Russian students using the «Via Songs to Russian» software at this university.

International Festival of Russian Language

This festival took place at Voronezh, Russia in 2008. 37 universities and the United States military academy of West Point participated in this festival. The Voronezh State University (VSU) was the host of this festival. VSU developed a lot of software for learning Russian. However, the representatives of the university chose other software for the festival.

The NeoStandArt Ltd was the only firm, which presented the unique software products for learning Russian songs. These software products were used to help organizing an unusual singing contest of Russian songs.

More over, the same software products helped non-Russian students to memorize and sing previously unknown Russian songs at the theater stage while having only 60 minutes for implementation! This result was witnessed by tens of hundreds of people being present at the theater.

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