Listening mode


In this mode, you can learn the song text (lyrics) with the help of step-by-step listening to the singer and announcers. The mode helps to improve your skills in recognition of words and sentences, which you encounter in the song.


  • You can listen to sound teaching materials in portions. Those portions are sentences voiced by announcers and the singer. The switching to the next sentence is automatic.
  • You can run the Listening Mode (LM) from any line of a song. The mode continues to operate to the end of this song, or you can stop it.
  • You can control the amount of repetitions, the sequence of the singer and announcers, and the size of pauses. In other words, you can customize these settings, as you wish.


Multiple listening of sentences is useful at the initial stage of song learning.

You can relax and listen to the sound of LM, watch the LM indication on the screen, and care nothing about other things.

Pauses between sentences help to comprehend and memorize the song text better.

Listening to any Russian song, you can understand only some parts of lyrics. Preliminary listening to announcers' voice of each sentence (or sometimes of each word) improves greatly lyrics perception when the singer is singing. This approach helps to memorize lyrics, and at the same time it stimulates your skills in voice recognition.

Since LM can take a considerable period, sometimes you can use it as a background to other activity.

Starting LM

You can start LM in the three ways:

Customizing LM

You can display the Listening Mode Customization window in the two ways:

Learn more about LM customizations in the Help of the software (press f1).