First Run

Welcome Window

If you run the „Via Songs to Russian“ software for the first time, you can see the splash screen and thereafter the „Welcome“ window appears. If you run the software for the first time, you find the „Welcome“ window as in the following picture:


In the „Welcome“ window you can register or delete users, edit their characteristics. Also, this window allows you to choose a teaching material (Book Choice) and then you can go further to learn its content.

The files containing teaching materials have the *. rsb extension and in terms of the „Via Songs to Russian“ software are termed Books. You can open those files, which are on any accessible hard or CD/DVD disk, but not on a local area network. The software installation creates the „Books“ folder, which is inside the folder with the installed software. You can open the „Books“ folder with pressing the Book Choice button. Authors of the software recommend you to place the *. rsb files into the „Books“ folder.

The Book is the unit consisting of a number of song themes.
The song theme consists of the song text (lyrics), numerous sound teaching materials, linguistic teaching materials and other related materials (such as a preface, numerous graphics, notes about song authors and so on) Also, the song theme implies the usage of several software modes — the Listening mode, the Singing mode and the Exercise mode.

You can establish several users in the VStoR software. The software saves any user customizations. The software saves not only the interface customizations, but some states of the software modes,- for example, the states of exercises in the „Tutor“ subroutine are saved as well.

At the first run of the software you have to choose the new user. For this purpose, press the New User button and the following window appears:

Select the image, which will be associated with the current user in the software interface. Enter the user name and press OK.

The user registration makes the Book Choice button active and it allows you to open the file with teaching materials as in the following picture.

Book Contents Window


In this window you can find the general data and contents of the opened Book. Also, you can get to know briefly any song presented in the chosen Book. Thereafter, you can go further to learn the wanted song theme.

This window is displaced after the loading of the Book file, or you can open the window with the Contents command of the toolbar or of the Main menu.

The general data of teaching materials in the current Book is presented in the lower left quarter of the window:
  • Amount of used words — the number of unique words used in all texts (lyrics) of all songs (of the current Book); each word of lyrics has a reference to the dictionary entry.
  • Amount of word-forms — any word can have some different word-forms in lyrics; thus, this point presents the number of unique word-forms.
  • Number of different sentences — the number of unique teaching sentences used in all lyrics of all songs (of the current Book).
  • Number of words of the dictionary — the number of all words of the current Book vocabulary. The vocabulary includes words, which are absent in any lyrics, but there are internal dictionary references to those words in the dictionary.

When the window is opened,, there is one active title of a song in the list. You can activate another song with a single click of your mouse. You can activate the chosen song using your keypad with UpDown cursor keys. In this case, the pane of titles is to have the keyboard focus (this pane is to be within the pink frame).

General data relating to an active song, such as the history of a creation and a brief description of a song subject, or the information about authors and the singer, the descriptive data of the teaching material are presented in the right part of this window.

You can choose the wanted song theme in any of the following ways:
  • do a double click with your mouse upon the selected song theme;
  • use your keyboard pressing the Enter key, if you want a song theme to be active;
  • press the right key of your mouse and choose Select This Song in the displayed context menu.