VStoR Main Opportunities

The „Via Songs to Russian“ software presents to you four main modes and several additional ones, which can help you to focus your attention on various aspects of song usage for language learning.

The process of learning can be considered as passive or active depending on consumption or application of learned information during your activity. For example, you can hear audio fragments, or look through videos. In this case your activity is considered to be passive. While saying via your microphone or doing exercises is considered to be active, since you use the information which you have previously learned. Active and passive learning processes should be well balanced in order to achievethe the maximum from the process of studying Russian.

This important point of view was taken into consideration during the development of the VStoR software. The methodological part of this software includes both active and passive types of activity which are presented in VStoR modes.

The software does not impose any step by step learning process which may evoke the feeling of boredom. On the contrary, you may begin the usage of this software from any place and you may stop where you want. But even this non-systematic learning can guarantee you to have a benefit of new knowledge, or skill. This is a great advantage of the VStoR software.

You can easily find guidelines on songs usage in application to the language learning. But we offer you only an advice on how to master our software. Really, this software can be used as you want. Learn more about details in the „How Can I Use It“ topic.

Below, you can find a brief description of main modes of the software. Also, you can find purposes and features of this software modes.

Independent Mode

This is the basic software mode, which helps you to learn the lyrics and melody. In this mode you can focus your attention to any specific word using electronic dictionary, or you can scrutinize any wanted sentence while using Linguistic Teaching Decomposition.

There are some convenient means, which can help you to feel yourself at ease, such as visual synchronization of audio track to the lyrics, widely spread context menus, the easy access to the electronic dictionary with clicking on any word of the lyrics and other means.

You have a unique chance to learn song phonetics while having at hand the two announcers and a singer. Each song fragment — each word, line, sentence or stanza is voiced by announcers and a singer. You can improve greatly your aural skills of Russian if you use the hearing of audio fragments.

You can greatly improve your oral skills since you have several means of your voice recording. Also, you can analyze your pronunciation in Russian while hearing and comparing your voice with voices of announcers. For this purpose you can select any song fragment, which you’d like.

The note: In this software you memorize the lyrics while carrying out various types of activity. You may not notice that you have already the lyrics in your memory. Compare this fact with traditional memorization of words and phrases!

The Independent Mode has the greatest opportunities in comparison with other modes and includes both passive and active types of user activity.

Listening Mode

This is an entirely passive mode. You can relax yourself, take a comfortable seat, listen to the sound of the Listening Mode (LM), and watch for the LM indication on the screen. The song is split up to fragments which you can hear consecutively and automatically if LM is active.

Each fragment (in LM) is a sentence of the song, which is voiced by announcers and a singer. The announcers pronounce the fragment quietly, without undue haste. They prepare you for perception of the fragment in the Russian song.

Pauses between sentences help to comprehend and memorize the lyrics. You can control the nunber of repetitions, the sequence of order for listening the singer and announcers, and the size of pauses. Thus, you can customize these settings, as you wish.

This mode is very helpful if you begin to learn some difficult song. The announcers’ pronunciation of the lyrics make you feel that you are learning this song with the help of Russian-speaking teachers. This mode helps to concentrate you on a stream of Russian speech while paying no attention to other minor things.

Singing Mode

This is an active mode which presents to you a unique opportunity of your voice recording. Really, you can record your singing of the studied song.

You can listen to your recording with, or without audio (accompaniment), i.e. you have an additional opportunity to listen only to your voice. You can listen to the whole song, as well as to any of song's fragments.

In this mode, you have the synchronization of your recorded voice to the song melody. If you need, you can have a help of announcers and a singer.

This is an excellent way of your phonetics skills improvement and the memorization of the song text (lyrics).

Learn about details of the Singing mode.

Exercises Mode (Tutor)

In addition to numerous opportunities of song’s learning in previous three modes, you are presented with fascinating and very effective mode of exercises. If you prefer to have a fruitful game instead of any boring memorization, the Exercises Mode can be your favorite mode. The game-like exercises are developed on the basis of the song text.

Exercises have four ranks of difficulties, but taking into consideration the sound help and visual help, those exercises are sooner pleasant games rather than hard puzzles.

One of the most interesting things about this mode is the renewal of the exercise in the next run. The same exercise is rebuilt with the help of using a random algorithm. Thus, you can do the same exercise many times, while not loosing your interest to it. It means that you can prolong your mastering the exercise as long as you need to achieve the wanted result.