User Voice Recording Window


Using this window you can improve your oral and aural skills speaking into your microphone and listening to your record.

In addition, see Speaking Into Your Microphone.


  1. Start/Stop Record. Press this button to begin your voice recording procedure and press it once again to stop it. You have a short pause to take a breath before the beginning of the record.
  2. Stop Record. This is an additional button for stopping the record.
  3. Progress Bar and Time Limit. This bar makes visible the time progress and shows the amount of time which has been appointed to the record. The time limit is calculated considering an announcer’s pronunciation and it includes a small pause to take a breath. Recording your voice stops after the expiration of the time limit.
  4. Volume Control. The volume control of the recorded voice can help you to reach a balance with the volume of announcers’ pronunciation.

    The note: The software can not customize the volume of your microphone. For this purpose, use the standard sound volume controls of the operational system.

  5. Control of Playback Speed. Here are the radio buttons, which allow you to reduce the speed of a voice playback. If you set the speed as slow, the speech tempo is decelerated in accordance with the value chosen from the combo box. This control can be useful to detect some types of speech defects.
  6. Listening Buttons. Using these  buttons, you can listen to the voice of any chosen announcer and compare it with your recorded voice.