The "Dictionary" subroutine can display two windows of brief and general information on Russian words, which you can encounter in this software. Also, the subroutine provides you the opportunity to improve your pronunciation of those words.

 In addition, see Usage of Electronic Dictionary.


  1. Navigation buttons can help you to travel across the history of dictionary entries.
  2. Uttering a current word by the two announcers, which you can hear with the help of these buttons.
  3. Display/Hide the window of a current dictionary entry.
  4. Enlarge/Reduce the font size of a dictionary entry. Repeated pressing this button returns the initial font size.
  5. List of words contains brief translations of each word. This list includes a complete vocabulary of the current Book.
  6. Listening to the recording of a current word pronunciation, which is your voice recording.
  7. Pronunciation recording buttons which can use your microphone. The left-hand button starts the recording of your voice immediately after you have pressed it, the right-hand button can display a specialized window for your voice recording.
  8. Additional window of word-forms can be displayed only in the case if a song theme contains the word-form which you can not find in the dictionary of the software.
  9. Dictionary entry pane is presented here.