All Words Window


This window contains the complete list of words of a chosen song. The words are arranged alphabetically. The window has special features to deal with this list of words.
Reading this word list, you can extend your lexicon and become familiar with the words constituting the vocabulary of a song.


  1. Dictionary Button opens the dictionary and the dictionary entry of the chosen word.
  2. Announcers can be heard if you press these buttons. You can hear the announcers saying words in a dictionary form.
  3. Start/Stop Button of an automatic listening mode, which can help you to listen to the consecutive pronunciation of the entire list of words by announcers.
  4. Button of Printing Dialog allows you to have the listing of the words list using your printer. This command displays standard Print Preview window. It allows you to do additional customizations and to print the list of words.
  5. Save As Dialog Button helps to save this window in any HTML file. Press this button and enter Save As dialog.
  6. Column of Dictionary Headwords which are arranged in the alphabetical order.
  7. Column of Brief Translations in which most common word meanings and the word meanings being as close as possible to the song subject are presented.
  8. Column of All Word Forms constitutes the song text. While learning Russian words, it is very important to memorize word-forms in specific sentences. Authors recommend you as a good exercise to find those word-forms in the song text (lyrics).

    Sometimes people experience difficulties in Russian word-forms identification. Really, at first, some word-forms look a bit strange if they are separated from the sentence or the collocation. That is why in some cases there is additional word before or behind a word-form. Those additional words and word-forms constitute collocations of the song text (lyrics). They help you to find and recognize those word-forms in the lyrics.