Getting started

Please Note! You can find the free latest version of the "Via Songs to Russian" software at the following link:

Via Songs to Russian - FREE!

In fact, this page contains only a part of the software description relating to basic ideas on how to use songs for learning Russian. Also, you can find the description of basic software  features based on those ideas.

Looking through this part of the description can help you to decide by yourself whether this software is reasonable and suitable for your purposes, or not. Though, if you are really going to learn Russian, this software undoubtedly will be very useful for you regardless of your level of proficiency in Russian. You may even not notice that you have loaded into your memory the vast portion of real Russian language! This software can help you to be in state of comfort during the process of learning Russian.

No doubts, you are closely familiar with the notion of a song. But this software presents you with the set of means, which can really help you to get the unexpectedly large knowledge from songs. For better understanding of our theoretical approach, read articles of the Introduction section.

In the Modes section, the four main approaches of song learning are described. In addition, you can find a lot of theoretical materials, which have been applied in this software.
In the Interface section, you can find the screenshots of main windows of the VStoR software (ver. 1.2). Also, you can find the commentary to each window.

Please Note: If you are serious about learning Russian, read the information presented in the following articles. Perhaps, these articles can help you to form your own ideas on how to learn foreign languages.