About Us

Welcome to our website! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the NeoStandArt Ltd. The founders started the firm for one reason: to provide clients with absolutely new experience of studying foreign languages.

The firm was founded in 2006, but our research had begun many years before. Though the firm is relatively new, research workers cherished the ideas realized in our products through their lives. The firm is proud of converting our experience in neural modeling, computer science and in the learning of foreign languages into software products.

Our first success was in 2008. The International Festival of Russian Language took place at Voronezh, Russia. 37 universities and the United States military academy of West Point took part in this festival. The NeoStandArt Ltd. was the only firm, which presented the unique software products for learning Russian songs. These software products allowed non-Russian students to memorize and sing previously unknown Russian songs at the theater stage while having only 60 minutes for the implementation of their tasks! This result was witnessed by tens of hundreds of people being present at the Opera&Ballet theater in Voronezh.

We are dedicated to your success in learning Russian. The founders hope that you also will appreciate the firm’s products.

We will be grateful to you for your comments, notes, proposals and opinions. Your suggestions will be taken into consideration in further development of our products.

Please, mail us: russianviasongs@gmail.com