Learning Russian, is it really so difficult?

Traditionally, Russian is considered to be a hard language. Actually, difficult phonetics, complex grammar rules and great flexibility of Russian can hinder many people from learning it.

Also, this is a well-known fact that foreigners, being immersed into the Russian language environment, quickly begin to speak understandable Russian.

As a matter of fact, these two facts do not contradict  each other and you can find explanations on this website. But what can you do if you have no opportunity to immerse into the Russian language environment?

Luckily, nowadays you have an absolutely new tool of learning and maintaining Russian — the «Via Songs to Russian» (VStoR) software, which can really compensate the absence of the Russian language environment! The software is targeted for learners who have any level of proficiency in Russian. You can use the software in addition to any grammatical course of Russian.

Please Note! You can find the free latest version of the "Via Songs to Russian" software at the following link:

Via Songs to Russian - FREE!

Via Songs to Russian

This software can give you many positive emotions while learning Russian, and you can receive a lot of practical knowledge and skills, notably you can

  • really memorize and remember a great number of Russian words and collocations;
  • improve your skills in Russian phonetics;
  • improve your skills in Russian speech recognition;
  • get a lot of information about the Russian culture and songs.

And perhaps, the most important thing about the software — you can easily maintain and reinforce your skills and knowledge after a period of time without practice! In other words, the method of the software helps your skills and knowledge to be persistent and stable!